Podcast E013: Conquering Fears

May 1, 2017

Life Updates

  • Adam: not much… WordPress Essentials Course going well!
  • Kyle: Bachelor Party! Easter/Family trip  & working with Pippin in Kansas.

WordPress News.

  • WordPress 4.7.4.


  • Kyle – Media Temple shirt / water
  • Adam- WCLAX 2016 shirt / water


  1. How do you think we can get more people in the WP community to contribute? Not just code, but time, organizing, volunteering, docs, etc? – Eric Amundson
  2. Speakpipe from Chris Badget re: speaking – Chris Badget
  3. What do the new changes in Jetpack mean to the broader WP ecosystem, especially themes on w.org? – Topher DeRosia

Podcast E012: Being Helpful

April 10, 2017

Life Updates & Hotel Movies

  • Adam: Nothing major.. happy to be in AZ.
    • Movie: Last Holiday
  • Kyle: 1st week at Easy Digital Downloads.
    • Movie: Grand Budapest Hotel

WordPress News

  • Pressnomics! – Great business conference. Worth the investment!


  • Kyle: Pagely Shirt – Rasberry IZZE
  • Adam: Woo Ninja Shirt – Rasberry IZZE


  1. As a developer, are you helping or hurting customers when you use page builders to create sites? Does it depend on the builder?  
  2. When is it ok to let a client use a pre-canned theme?
  3. Client wants a super fast site but has very image heavy content. How do you communicate to them the challenges and how do you make it fast?

Podcast E011: Client Communication

April 3, 2017

Life Updates

  • Adam: WCSD was great
  • Kyle: Starting new job!

WordPress News.

  • Sucuri to GoDaddy.  
  • Pressnomics is this week..  Whoohoo!



  1. If you're doing freelance on the side, where are the best places to find clients? Is there a quality difference between the clients that find you, clients directed to you from referrals, or clients you seek out yourself? Asked by Megan Morsie
  2. What parts of the project do you present in person, vs via email or phone call? Asked by Ian Wilson
  3. Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses? Eric Defore in Slack

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Podcast E010: Be Prepared!

March 13, 2017

Work & Life Updates:

WordPress News:


  1. How would you decorate your options table, given unlimited resources? – Eric
  2. I am nervous giving a presentation or recording an interview. Any tips from 2 seasoned speakers – John
  3. Can WordPress help me get better grades in school – Carson

Podcast E009: Clients & Contracts

March 6, 2017

WordPress News.

  • Another light week.

Life Updates

  • Adam:  WCLAX 2017 — is back on track.  My twitter profiles update thx to Bridget Willard! 
  • Kyle: Accepted to speak at Pressnomics


  • Kyle – Nexcess t-shirt
  • Adam- Woo Skull Cross bones tshirt  “Ship It”

Errors and Omissions

  • None!

iTunes Reviews


  • As a WordPress user or developer, what is the ONE THING that drives you bonkers and you’d love to change about WordPress? From Eric Amundson.
  • As a casual freelancer, how do you suggest bringing up the contract discussion? From Megan Morsie.
  • Voicemail from Sara Dunn about which WordCamps we recommend.


Lyrics to WordPress Blues

Everybody and their brother knows, that shortcodes blow
They make it hard for beginners to figure out how to make their content show
They have a steep learning curve so users who don’t know
The basics of how code works figure things out quite slow

I’ve got all these issues, it feels like I’ll never lose, these WordPress blues

As a plugin developer I’m disappointed that dependency management isn’t there
And the sluggish wp-admin sometimes makes me pull out my hair
Is there anything more useless than every default dashboard widget
And can anyone tell me why WP_List_Table has access set to private

I’ve got all these issues, it feels like I’ll never lose, these WordPress blues

Pervasive abuses of admin_notices are just obscene
Every time I see one I just want to punch my screen
One thing that seriously makes me consider changing careers
Is every time some trace of #WPDrama appears

I’ve got all these issues, it feels like I’ll never lose, these WordPress blues

I passionately wish that every single home page slider would die in a fire
Along with the concept of selling licenses that don’t expire
I’m not a huge fan of the plugin and theme editors built into core
And this cheap pricing race to the bottom is something I truly abhor

I’ve got all these issues, it feels like I’ll never lose, these WordPress blues

Podcast E008: Stand out, offer amazing value

February 27, 2017

WordPress News:

Light week.. not much!

Whatcya wearing/drinking

  • Kyle: WordCamp Chicago hoodie
  • Adam: WP Give t-shirt 

Work/Life Updates 

  • Adam: Sales: Cold Calls/emails
  • Kyle: WC Jackson speakers/sponsors open, bought ticket to WC Miami, made hard decision yesterday about a plugin

New Segment” “Reading Options”


  1. Stepping out of the game – letting dev licenses expire .. what to do with clients?
  2. The WordPress service space is crowded, what are some ways you can differentiate?
  3. Voicemail via SpeakPipe about a project that needs mapping.


Podcast E007: Building Knowledge by Building Community

February 20, 2017

In the news:

  • No news.. light week!

Whatcya wearing/drinking

  • Kyle – Everything! Nascar of WordPress swag!
  • Adam- nothing ! — well…  nothing WP related.  Water – again WPEngine


  1. How do you find your first clients for a new freelance web dev enterprise?  @evan
  2. How helpful have WordPress Meetups and WordCamps been to you? What’s the biggest benefit?
  3. How does one become friends with super cool podcast hosts like yourself?

Podcast E006: Predictions & Determination

February 13, 2017

In the news

  • Our Predictions for WordPress in 2017
  • Swag for submitting questions

Whatcha wearing/drinking

  • Kyle – WC North East Ohio t-shirt  and a  hoodie “Empowered by WordPress”
  • Adam- WC Chicago hoodie + Woo “SHIP IT” shirt, drinking water from WP Engine pint glass


  1. What took so long? (referring to us starting this podcast) – asked by John Parkinson @jwparkinson
  2. Can WordPress maintain market dominance? What are the biggest threats? – asked by Eric Amundson @sewmyheadon
  3. How do you determine your first pricing structure as a freelancer? – asked by Megan Morsie @megabyterose

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Podcast E005: Building Confidence

February 6, 2017

In the News

Whatcya wearing/drinking

  • Kyle: Pantheon T-Shirt & Siteground socks and drinking warm water in GoDaddy Cup
  • Adam: Woo Ninja T-Shirt & water in a pickle jar.


  1. Ways to build confidence in development abilities
  2. Client not responding to emails
  3. Working from home – does clutter cause distraction?

Podcast E004: Making daily strides

January 30, 2017


  • Wrapping things up for end of 2016, prepping for a great 2017!

Whatcya wearing/drinking:

  • Kyle: Media Temple T-Shirt, Limited Edition WC North Canton Hoodie, drinking water from a GoDaddy mug with tea brewing to be put into a WC Ann Arbor mug.
  • Adam: Wearing beanie from WPEngine, Hoodie from WC Chicago 2016 & drinking Costa Rican coffee from our Costa Rica vacation!


  1. Charging for Beta testers?
  2. What are the standard, must always use plugins for every site?
  3. How can I get over my hangups with working on my own site?