So, you are interested in having your product or service spoken about with enthusiasm on The Get Options  Podcast? Well, that's fantastic news!

The Details

  • We will have will have a maximum of 3 sponsors per show.
  • The charge is $250 per spot.
  • You will be mentioned after intro banter and before the Q/A portion of the show, as well as receive a permanent link in the show notes. 
  • We will send a "Thank you Tweet” for sponsoring the episode a day or two after the show is released.
  • Ideally you will provide some talking points, otherwise Kyle or I will "wing it!", from a place of love of course. 

The Nitty Gritty & Disclaimer(s)

  • Since we really want to help our audience in the best possible way, we want to endorse products tha twe find useful and can confidently recommend. We may turn down your inquiry if it doesn't fit our audience at this time.  Oh, and we won’t endorse smoking or smoking related products/services, ever.
  • Sponsorship fees are subject to change at discretion of The Get Options Podcast.

Our stats (since 1/20/2017 launch)

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