Podcast E143: Options on encouraging collaboration

May 5, 2021

Life Updates

  • Adam: College kid coming back next week for summer. Other kid deciding on where to go to college next year. Which means I need a side hustle! HA! Oh.. and lots of running lately.  
  • Kyle: Coaching T-Ball. Bought a bike.


  • Hallway Chats — new hosts.  Tara Clayes & Liam Dempsey have handed it off to Cate and Topher DeRosia.  



  • Adam:  BeaverBuilder hat // coffee //  just finished Pancakes in Paradise & Hatching Twitter – started reading Principles by Ray Dalio
  • Kyle:  WP Engine t-shirt, Sandhills Development hat / Pomegranate Kiefer / The Last Wish


  1. Hey guys  —  So .. turns out that 1/2 of the team I work with lied to get their jobs.  Some are “Developers” others are in “Marketing”.   I’d say that both are a problem as the devs keep taking forever to “learn” (i.e. Google) the answer/fix and the Marketing team is just copying other websites for ideas and strategy. Upper management has no idea. Options?  -Colby R.
  2. Any ideas or options on how to get other developers to collaborate in a productive manner?  What I mean by this is that many of the other developers I work with are very non social/socially awkward. Additionally some of them don’t like each other very much.  It’s tense to say the least. Or lead developer isn’t aware of this as she isn’t a part of the daily operations.  -Brian

Segment: Bomb Dot Com!

  • Adam’s:
    • laptopandabackpack.com – travel blogging
    • findabetterwaytooffend.com – snarky humor
    • Noneedforyou.com – family blog
    • Fixedandvacinated.com – Vet/Human vaccine dosages
  • Kyle’s:
    • aarondontgo.com
    • finishthebookgeorge.com
    • nicholasfury.com
    • plungerz.com
    • gludge.com

Podcast E142: Options on dealing with workplace drama

April 7, 2021


  • Adam: parents celebrating 55 years.  Had a client offer to give me a raise.. And overall ..raised CWP prices too. 🙂  
  • Kyle: I celebrate 4 years with Sandhills Development.


  • Sectigo acquisition of SiteLock


  • Adam:   GOP Shirt, coffee, The Psychology of money Morgan Housel
  • Kyle:  WP Engine t-shirt, Sandhills Development hat, Pomegranate Kiefer, The Last Wish


  1. A coworker reached out to me in confidence to say that another coworker, is leaving in a few months,.  That second co-worker then told me that the first one is also looking to leave and has been interviewing.  A funny as this may seem, what do I do in regards to telling HR and or management as I’m afraid that their workloads may be dumped on me.  
  2. I work at a non profit as a developer and really like my job. I also like a bunch of my co-workers. That being said,.. there is too much drama (IMO) in our company and it drives me bonkers.  I even created a non-company slack workspace so that I can communicate with some other co-workers that are on the same page with me.  What are some options to squash the rumor/drama mongers at a company?

Segment do_enque 


  • The Last Blockbuster on Netflix
  • Song Exploder on Netflix
  • Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+
  • The Big Sick on Netflix
  • Still Watching: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier podcast
  • Dua Lipa on Spotify
  • Cautionary Tales podcast
  • Audible God podcast
  • Shaquille O’Neal on Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend podcast
  • Darknet Diaries 87: Guild of the Grumpy Old Hackers podcast
  • Shopify COO Harley Finkelstein on Tim Ferris podcast
  • Paul McCartney on Smartless podcast
  • Your Favorite Band Sucks podcast
  • Michelle Ames interviewing Matt Mullenweg on WP Coffee Talk
  • The Dangers of Whitewashing Black History TEDx talk


  • The Last Blockbuster 
  • Falcon and the Winter Soldier
  • Darknet Diaries 87: Guild of the Grumpy Old Hackers podcast
  • Wandavision — next up. 
  • Documentary Kid90— Punky Brewster 
  • American hustle
  • JoJo Rabbit

Podcast E141: Options on not getting angry during code review

March 3, 2021

Life Updates

  • Kyle:  adding role at Sandhills at Product Mgr for EDD
  • Adam:  Dad turned 90. applied for FAFSA for Parker. Yikes!


  • Aaron Campbell moved over to NewFold Digital
  • Christie Chirinos leaving WPMRR podcast. 
  • Josh Pollock and Joel Worsham join 10up
  • David Beja and Nina Pacifico join Sandhills Development


  • Adam:  Pagely hoodie /  coffee / Ultralearning
  • Kyle:  A2 Hosting t-shirt, WC Ann Arbor hoodie, WC Ann Arbor hat / Kahfie / The Last Wish


  1. I currently work as a developer at an agency and am looking to switch into more of an operations or PM role. What are some options to make that interest known to upper management? -Doug
  2. I been promoted to a lead dev and with that promotion, I’ve been tasked with doing code review. Truth be told I hate code review. Matter of fact, I get angry when i look at other peoples code. How to I stop getting so mad at that!? 

Website mentioned: https://www.restartcbd.com/

Segment: Deletable History

  • Reviewing some old proposals. 

Podcast E140: Option on giving notice at work

February 17, 2021

Life Updates

  • Kyle: Joining a couple masterminds. Never done one of these before but I think they’re neat.
  • Adam: Selling a domain. 7 years if KSWP!  Launched a service/new site –> AdamSilver.com


  • WP Engine has hired WPGraphQL creator and maintainer Jason Bahl as a Principal Software Engineer.


  • Adam:   WCPHX – hoodie..  /  Water  /  Ultralearning   
  • Kyle:   Apply Filters t-shirt, Nexcess Hosting hat / Water / The Last Wish (book 1 of The Witcher series)


  1. I’m a lead developer at the moment and heard that I am about to be promoted to “team lead”.  Oddly enough I am very close to accepting another job and leaving the current company.  What say you in regards on how to approach this with my manager?  -Dave
  2. I just left a large company to go solo/freelance. Turns out there is a lot of busy work that I’m not a fan of… first and foremost getting proposals/estimates to new clients.  That said, are are some best practices in delivering proposals/estimates?  -Maureen

Segment:  BombDotCom

  • wpgraveyard.com
  • shquart.com
  • epicstrollers.com
  • mealsonmeals.com
  • elevenfeetapart.com
  • Hereiswhatyoumissed.com 
  • hopefullyonedaysoon.com
  • canyoustartyesterday.com

Podcast E139: The 2020/2021 Predictions Episode

January 13, 2021

Life Updates

  • Kyle: watching shows – Rhythm and Flow on netflix, MCU, 
  • Adam: Happy New Year!  Working. Set up new system. Takes time… plus   trying to make it rain?!  Plus about to try an experiment with Time Blocking on the calendar.  

WordPress News

  • Modern Tribe sold their calendar – The Events Calendar to Liquid Web 
  • WordPress.com offers website development! 


  • Adam:   Hoodie WC Chicago // Coffee / The Simple Path to Wealth
  • Kyle: Freemius t-shirt / Coffee / The Last Wish

No Questions this week as we review our 2020 predictions and make new ones for 2021

How’d we do ?   ….The Score Card

  • Adam: 1
  • Kyle:  3 
  • Kyle wins 2020 

2021 Predictions 


  • I will guest appear on more podcast shows than you
  • Both of us will speak at a WordCamp again
  • NO IPOs in WP
  • Some business will launch a “Hosted {WP product}” that is not WooCommerce
  • I will write more blog posts than you
  • You will tweet more than me
  • Featured plugins will be different (currently 7: classic editor, akismet, jetpack, bbPress gutenberg, health check, buddy press)
  • We’ll find a way to meet in person


The WP Project — 

  • Getting PROPS!!  Dangit!

Personal For Me 

  • Sunset 1 maybe 2 projects 
  • Launch 1 new for money 
  • Learn Guitar 
  • Learn Language 
  • Biz Debt cut by 1/2 this year. Vs personal..  which I’d like to be zero!

Personal for Kyle 

  • Dog
  • No more kids
  • Run a 10k?! 
  • Be a guest on 2 podcasts.

Podcast E138: How do I accept a job that pays below market?

December 23, 2020


  • Kyle: Oh, not much going on really. Went from 1 child to 5! 
  • Adam: working..  Planning.  Launching.  All the things!   GitIdiot.com  



  • Adam – Hired new Social Media Mgr – for backupspeaker.com 
  • Taylor Jackson is a new Application Support Specialist at Sandhills Development


  • Adam:  WC Birmingham hoodie / water/coffee / The Art of Invisibility 
  • Kyle: Digital Summit Detroit t-shirt, GoDaddy hat / Egg Nog / The Last Wish 


  1. What options do you have when it comes to being offered a job that that you are qualified for, but is oddly low in salary/scale for the role.  -Anon
  2. It’s Joey from Singapore. Glad to hear that the show is coming back (and Kyle is, too)! My question is this. Have you thought about leaving WordPress? Or, in what kind of situations do you see yourself leaving WordPress? When WordPress is no longer the top choice CMS? When WordPress foundation makes a bad call? As of today, I don’t see my leaving WordPress at all, though! Thanks and happy holiday season!

Segment: Bomb Dot Com – 3 ideas 


  • thesecondwave.com  
  • officecouch.com  
  • emotionalsupportwine.com 



Podcast E137: How do I interview when I have NDA's

November 11, 2020

Life Updates

  • Adam:  Hack. Clients Birthday! oh my .
  • Scott:  Painting house!  Not tan.

WordPress News


  • Adam: WCSD 2015  / Water / Traction (via book club) 
  • Scott : WCUS 2017 / Tea / not reading!!  


  1. To stay relevant and not get complacent in my current job,  I’ve been interviewing.. (via zoom) a few times per month since Covid started. I want to stay sharp with that skill.. The issues is, I’m not really looking to move companies, but have been offered a few of the jobs!   .. so.. how can i  politely decline job offers that I never intended to accept in the first place?  -Name withheld per request
  2. I’m looking for a new job and have had some interviews recently.  The issue I have is that in my current job, the company (along with myself) are under NDA’s.  How do I work around that in the interview as I can;’t give too many details if any on the projects.  -Stefanie

Segment: Bomb Dot Com – 3 ideas 

  • TheQuarantinePod.com — educational
  • getoffmylawnpunk.com – blog
  • PunchTheClown.com – satire

Podcast E136: How do I tell my team lead I can’t complete something?

August 26, 2020


  • Sally: All monitored systems are functioning within established parameters. I’m excited to be on the same podcast as Sara Dunn was!
  • Adam: Biz as usual Happy BDAY to Ellen.  // finances caught up! Regarding our book club!  


  • WordPress iOS App – Apple store .. in app purchases..  


  • Adam: WC OC 2014 / water / The Organized Mind
  • Sally : T-shirt I bought on vacation last year/unsweetened iced tea/Profit First


  1. What do you think is the role of a website in the era of social media?For example, recently I went to a clothes store after finding it on Facebook. On their Facebook page, there was a button to contact by WhatsApp, so I clicked it to ask for a question, which was instantly answered. The store seemed very popular without having a website. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Take care. 🙂    – JOEY  
  2. How do I tell my team lead I can’t complete something?  case and point:  I was trying to implement some new functionality and i said it would take me about 7 days of work. 4 weeks later..  I just couldn’t quite get it to work. I finally sucked it up and told my boss the situation and though he wasn’t mad, he was disappointed.  -Julie R.

Segment: Bomb Dot Com


  • Unfinishedprojects.com help with projects or just wall of shame
  • Yesdear.com arguments you have lost
  • imstealingthat.com inspired by Adam and ideas he steals


  • stickishnotes.com: a lower quality post it not that doesn’t stick much.
  • Imprettyok.com: daily blog on feelings?! 
  • Thewaydoesnotexist.com: business blog on reaching for goals.? 

Follow us each online

  • @get_options
  • Adam: @heyadamsliver
  • Sally: @YepItsSal
  • SOUNDCLOUD @get_options

Podcast E135: Where so I look for funding to grow my business?

July 29, 2020

The Get Options Podcast – Episode 135

Life Updates

  • Kyle: I’ve been doing some long-distance running.
  • Adam: It. Is. Done!  Launched the new site! BackupSpeaker.com  Good night!  😉  / Taking time off — I think.  





  1. I was hired recently at a company in a marketing role. Then COVID hit.  The issue is my 6-month review has come and gone, and I was told that there may be a raise at 6 months if goals were hit.  I’m pretty sure I hit them.  How do I bring that up without sounding greedy, especially in these days of the pandemic?  -anonymous 
  2. I’m at a point where I need to hire to grow my service but really can’t afford it myself. What are some options in getting funding? Should I ask family? Put the word out online? Venture capital? Angel Investors?  Exchange for equity? -Owen Goulding

Segment: Unordered Lists

Podcast E134: How do I talk about being laid off or fired?

July 15, 2020


  • Dustin: got new “W” MacBook Pro 2 times!! 
  • Adam: Taught money lesson to son#1: Too good to be true it is!  Side hustle: BackupSpeaker.com is launching!

WordPress News


  • Adam:  Do What you Love (WeWork) & Beaver Builder Hat / Water / So Many Books! 
  • Dustin: Woo Commerce payments shirt/water / Think and Grow Rich


  1. In the past, I’ve been both “let go” aka fired and “laid off”  Whats options would you suggest if asked about those positions when interviewing for a new job on sharing the situation?  -Mark B
  2. Audio clip from Kyle: What song should I make next?

Segment: do_enque


  • Podcasts: Nested Folders, Rabbit Hole, The Perfect Scam
  • Documentary: Magnetic, Inside Bill’s Brain (gates), Fittest in Dubai
  • Show: space force



  • Spaceforce
  • All the Marvel movies  
  • All AppleTV+ (Greyhound, The Morning Show, The Titan Games)


  • Think and Grow Rich
  • Atomic Habits
  • The Bullet Journal (ebook)


  • The Whoop Podcast
  • Learn to code w/dot me podcast
  • Syntax.fm
  • YouTube
  • Fitness/Cross fit content