Podcast E005: Building Confidence

February 6, 2017

In the News

Whatcya wearing/drinking

  • Kyle: Pantheon T-Shirt & Siteground socks and drinking warm water in GoDaddy Cup
  • Adam: Woo Ninja T-Shirt & water in a pickle jar.


  1. Ways to build confidence in development abilities
  2. Client not responding to emails
  3. Working from home – does clutter cause distraction?

Podcast E004: Making daily strides

January 30, 2017


  • Wrapping things up for end of 2016, prepping for a great 2017!

Whatcya wearing/drinking:

  • Kyle: Media Temple T-Shirt, Limited Edition WC North Canton Hoodie, drinking water from a GoDaddy mug with tea brewing to be put into a WC Ann Arbor mug.
  • Adam: Wearing beanie from WPEngine, Hoodie from WC Chicago 2016 & drinking Costa Rican coffee from our Costa Rica vacation!


  1. Charging for Beta testers?
  2. What are the standard, must always use plugins for every site?
  3. How can I get over my hangups with working on my own site?

Podcast E003: Keeping focus

January 23, 2017


  • WCUS Highlights & Recap


  1. Selling a domain?
  2. Any advice for how to keep yourself energized and charged when you find yourself stuck and demotivated?
  3. How to maintain my independence and still pay the bills?


Podcast E002: Pushing through change

January 16, 2017

Whatcha wearing/drinking

  • Kyle: special edition WordCamp Chicago 2016 Hoodie. Media Temple shirt.
  • Adam: WC Ann Arbor 2014 Pullover & WooCommerce Ninja shirt.

What we are working on.

  • Kyle: New plugins in development.
  • Adam: Delivered 2 client sites – 1 on spec!


  1. What shifts have you seen in the community and the conversations surrounding WordPress since you got involved yourselves?
  2. How do I deal with the struggle of the isolation associated with being a freelancer and working from home?
  3. How do you find qualified leads to help build your portfolio when you’re new to freelance web development?


Podcast E001: It's all about the people

January 9, 2017

In the news:

  1. WordCamp US 2017 – 2018 Location

This week we answer the following questions:

  1. Client Abandonment
  2. Collaboration with friends
  3. Networking events


Podcast E000: Ready, set…GO!

January 2, 2017

Welcome to the show!  In this short episode, we discuss the who, what and why it exists!

Lets do this!