Podcast E087: How do you managing coding ethics?

February 27, 2019

Life Updates

  • Kyle: Had a scary dream. Moving forward with WCA2 and WC Jackson. Accepting Speaker apps for WCA2.
  • Adam: Back from WC PHX.  Loads of new work coming in. Good, bad? Busy. Managing client expectation.  Selling stuff. Chair. Desk. etc.

WordPress News.

  • WordPress 5.1 released.




  1. I’m thinking about creating my first-ever free WordPress theme and have questions on coding ethics. For example, snippets of code to create a responsive mobile menu are freely available on places like tutorial blogs, Stack Overflow and within free themes, but am I allowed to use those codes as long as I credit the source and make them open-source on a platform like GitHub? Or, should I ask for an explicit permission from authors? If licensing terms are mentioned, of course I’ll follow, but if not mentioned, what’s the best way? Thank you in advance for your advice.  -Joey Q
  2. What's the most rewarding thing about doing a show like yours? ~ Joe Casabona

Segment: Vague Rant Up

Podcast E086: How can you stay connected with a remote team?

February 20, 2019

Life Updates

  • Kyle: Today's Valentine's Day! Planning on doing something special for Ashley, shhhh don't tell her!
  • Dustin: Dealing with a water main break in Dayton. Water supply is running low. Dehydration is setting in. Feeling delirious. What day is it.


  • Dustin:   Blue WordPress University t-shirt / water / The Minimalist Home & Everyday Millionaires
  • Kyle: WordCamp Chicago 2014 t-shirt, WordPress slippers / water / Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Book 4)


  1. Any advice for staying connected with remote co-workers? Do you only talk about work, or do you make it a point to also have a personal connection? ~ Sara Dunn
  2. What is an aspect of WordPress which is really not working for you these days?: Speed + WooCommerce ~ Anonymous

Segments: Tagline You're It and Personal Questions

Podcast E085: Do the WordPress commercials work?

February 13, 2019

Life Updates

  • Kyle: Awesome gig last night at Ironbark Brewery.
  • Adam: 80f here. Then 35 Crazy!   /   Heading to AZ next week WordCamp! 🙂



  1. Has anyone seen the WordPress.com commercials? What are your thoughts?  Todd Jones
  2. What is an aspect of WordPress which is really not working for you these days? Plugin conflicts and how to figure out what they are and how to resolve them  //  Plugin Detective Plugin -Kim Smith

Segment: Unordered Lists

Podcast E084: How do you pay yourself when you own your own business?

February 6, 2019

Life Updates

  • Kyle: Planning a trip to Europe. 1 month.
  • Adam: Biz. Good. Busy.  Speaking, Teaching next week.
  • Sara: Brr, Cold—Low was -18 degrees! Didn’t leave the house from Monday-Wednesday. Started relationship podcast



The Thing


  1. How has community involvement helped your business? ~ Joe Casabona
  2. How do you pay yourself when you own your own business – schedule regular paychecks, just pay yourself willy nilly (very technical finance term there)? ~ Tara Claeys


  • Deletable History
  • Personal Questions

Sara's Tweet:

Podcast E083: How do I stay relevant as a traditional developer?

January 30, 2019

Life Updates

  • Kyle:  planning travel for work events.  Taking pro active approach vs procrastination!
  • Adam: Avalon is 5 for 5 for colleges. Met w/ listener for on boarding. Processes.
  • Tara: Son off to CA for a new job.  Empty nester.



  1. With the advent of page builders and the rise of Site Implementors, how can traditional “code it myself” freelancers stay competitive? ~ Joe Casabona
  2. Can you talk about the challenges of finding guests for your show? Are there any? ~ Joe Casabona


Top Dev & do_enqueue()


  • Book: The Daily Stoic
  • Book: The Fifth Season
  • Podcasts: The Arc Benders, Focused, WP Square 1


  • Book: Atomic Habits
  • Book: Everybody Writes
  • Book: Treating People Well
  • Book: The Go Giver
  • Podcasts: The Daily, The Gist. The Moth
  • Movies: Oscar nominated movies.


  • Podcast: Radiolab: The Punchline
  • Podcast: Unexplained: Season 4
  • Podcast: Surviving Y2K
  • Podcast: Slow Burn
  • Podcast: Waking Up with Sam Harris: Conquering Hate with Deeyah Khan
  • Blog: Pippin’s year in review
  • Blog: Igor Benic year in review
  • Podcast: Hallway Chats
  • Song: Olalla by Blanco White
  • Song: Winter in Chicago by Flatfoot 56Song: Collie Man by Slightly Stoopid

Podcast E082: How do you deal with late paying clients?

January 23, 2019

The Get Options Podcast – Episode 82

Life Updates

  • Kyle: We committed to going on a big trip.
  • Adam: More F3. More client work. No new domain/ideas launched this month just yet!  So there!

WordPress News

  • Matt posts new “leads” on the marketing team. Josepha and Yoast.  Congrats!
  • We are going to WordCamp Dayton!  




  1. When it comes to retainer-based clients specifically maintenance, what are some options to handle non-payment or really late payments each and every month?  — Paul
  2. What is a topic that is confusing you and has not been explained yet in a way that you understand? Hooks & loops & taxonomies  Kim Smith

Segment: “Get Meta”

Podcast E081: How do you get started freelancing?

January 16, 2019

Life Updates

  • Adam: “Joined” F3.  Sore. oh so sore!
  • Dustin: Still unpacking boxes and house projects, installing smart home things, garage door openers.

WordPress News

  • WordPress 5.1 to Replace “Blogging” References with “Publishing”


  • Mendel GD to Geek Adventures
  • Jeff Matson left Gravity Forms



  1. How do you get started freelancing in WordPress and making websites for clients? via Sara Dunn at WCUS
  2. What is an aspect of WordPress which is really not working for you these days?   > Bot attacks and working with the host to correct it.  from WC Jackson Questions.

Segment: Tagline you're it.

Podcast E080: Is it okay to use emoji's in business?

January 9, 2019

Life Updates

  • Kyle: Played the worst game of poker I’ve ever played last night. But it all ended well.
  • Adam:  Rain. Lots of Rain.  Still weird to see car missing from driveway..ala Avalon took it. Going to Join F3.

WordPress News

Kyle’s Latest Song over on Soundcloud


  • Adam: WPEngine Beenie / coffee  / The Daily Stoic, Ryan Holiday
  • Kyle: BigCommerce “Kind of a big deal” t-shirt, Sandhills Development hoodie / virgin mimosa  / Harry Potter of Chamber of Secrets


  • What are the best options and practices for emoji use and do you recommend a resource for determining possible meanings? – Jen
  • Is there a question you were afraid to ask? > Location services: Block or allow? Is there any risk with allowing this? – Nehemiah

Segment: Top Dev

  • A segment where we give each other “ingredients” to build a site with certain required tools.

Lyrics to Kyle’s Song


I’m the biggest WordPress fanboy that you’ve ever seen

making websites every day now

Every single one is optimized and feature rich and so incredible

everyone is asking me how

Well sit down and let me show you how to develop a website

install WordPress everything is just right

A couple points a couple clicks now we’re almost there

load it up in the browser and prepare to stare

Oh no! Too slow!

I guess I’ll go to Magento

Goodbye WordPress

You couldn’t pass this test

It’s you, not me

You lack this one thing that I need

WordPress, no contest

Is the world’s OKest CMS

Ecommerce is my specialty I employ WooCommerce, Ninja Shop

and EDD especially

Every site that I deploy brings joy but more importantly

makes big money

I’m a master, earning profits much faster, every alternative

would be a total disaster

Get rich I shall

but what’s this I’ve gotta ticket ‘bout a problem with PayPal…

Oh my! Can’t buy!

I guess I’ll move to Shopify

The WordPress admin is so easy to use

I point and click and publish, round the interface I cruise

When I release new posts I watch my traffic soar

all my followers are begging me for more

I live by the rule that content is king

and benefit from open source publishing

I’m a gifted writer all my fans say I am

I’m moderating comments which…are mostly spam?

I shoot, I’m toast

I guess it’s time to switch to Ghost

I got all the themes and plugins that I’ll ever need

giving me the design and features to succeed

These tools are so powerful with prices so low

But one of them is asking me to upgrade to pro?

What a disgrace

I’m now migrating to Squarespace

I’ve got menus and custom post types

and these new block things that seem alright

There’s nothing more stable you will find that’s a fact

oh shoot did my site really just get hacked?

I’m filled with rage

and sticking to a Facebook page 

Podcast E079: Recapping 2018 & Predictions for 2019

January 2, 2019

Life Updates

  • Adam:  Back from Cali.  Boys. Friends. Family. Good time.
  • Kyle: Holidays with the family. Things are good.


  • Adam’s friend Jessica joined Automattic as Happiness Engineer


This week we recapped our 2018 Predictions and gave ours for 2019.

  • For 2018, Kyle “won”  9 to 8.5 in the points.

Adam’s 2019 Predictions

WP Software Project

  • 2 releases:  5.1 and 5.2
  • core Trac open tickets down by 1000
  • I will get “props”

Community – jobs/ changes

  • 1 big merger with hosting
  • 1 medium-sized agency closing.
  • 9 people making a move that we both know.
  • 2 new guests on this show
  • Sara Dunn and Dustin Hartzler both on show at the same time

Personal for myself.

  • grow the maintenance biz by 3x (or shut it down! )
  • launch a new podcast/show
  • Surprise Dustin.
  • Attend 8 WordCamps / 2 other conferences
  • Speak at a non WP conference. Possibly for money!
  • Take at least 2 vacations of more than 3 days each.
  • Visit another country.

Personal for kyle

  • another blessing?   cat / dog / baby?
  • live outside USA for 4-5 weeks
  • be in a documentary.
  • run in a 5k


Kyle's Predictions:

WordPress the software

  • One major release
  • Something will be gutted from core and there will be some commotion about it
  • Core trac will surpass 50,000 tickets all time=
  • We’ll see the final 4 digit tickets closed (83 remain)

WordPress the community / ecosystem

  • WordPress will get another reference in pop culture which gets written about in WP news
  • One major change to the WordPress journalism space will occur (Tavern, Torque, Post Status, WP Lift, etc.)
  • One of the camps that Adam or I plan on attending (Dayton, Jackson, Ann Arbor, US, Raleigh, Asheville, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Chicago) will end up cancelled
  • Someone will make a WordPress graveyard site/page


  • Adam will take a job
  • One of us will produce a musical piece which gets attention outside of our normal audience
  • We will present something together at a WordCamp
  • I will surprise someone else in WP


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SOUNDCLOUD @get_options

Podcast E078: What are our predictions for the eCommerce space in 2019?

December 19, 2018

Life Updates

  • Kyle: WCUS. Wow. I spoke.
  • Adam: WCUS. Wow!   I spoke! Surprise!  // Daughter 4/4 colleges apps!

WordPress News

  • WCUS 2019 –  dates announced – Nov 1-3, 2019




  1. What are your predictions for the eCommerce space in 2019
  2. What are examples of jargon you heard people talk about but don't understand? -> JasonAPI

Segment: The Personal Question

Thanks to Project Panorama for sponsoring this weeks episode.