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Life Updates

  • Adam: WCOC this past weekend. Was great! 


  • Kyle – Grey shirt. Water.
  • Adam- Liquid Web tshirt & water from Ball mug.


  1. I have a project that is ready to have the domain pointed to launch it. I need the client to go to his domain in Go Daddy and have it pointed. I offered to do it for him – he gave me the credentials, but they don’t work. So I offered to walk him through retrieving his password so he could reset it and give me the new password.  I email and he doesn’t respond. I call him and it goes to voicemail and he doesn’t return the call. This is crazy because he has paid me. All that needs to be done is pointing the domain. Should I  be concerned about this or just wait?Should I be concerned about this or just wait?  -asked by Carol
  2. Which options to do you get most frequently? – asked by Eric
  3.  What are the 5 best WordPress jokes? -asked by J

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