Life Updates

  • Kyle: Life is good! Guitar playing, working on the house.
  • Adam: School is finally ending for kids. Didn’t go to WordCamp Orange County 🙁

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1. Can Adam take a deep breath yet?  – Andy Fragen

Kyle wrote a song!

See Kyle's Lyrics

Driving in slow motion in this WordCamp racing game
If I crash this car I’ll be the only one to blame
Turning round the corner I try to pass you inside
Driving in slow motion I collide with you and say
Take my breath away
Take my breath away

2 When you're considering bringing a new partner/freelancer in on a client project, how would you vet them first?  – Sarah Dunn

3. I want to sell tickets online but Eventbright takes too much money out of the $20 ticket price. What are better options to sell tickets online?   -Mike


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