Life Updates

  • Kyle: Life is good.
  • Adam: Back from WC Kent .. and Boston Airport sleep over.  🙂

WordPress News

  • The passing of Jesse Peterson
  • WordCamp Europe 2017 Posts 24% No-Show Rate, Cites Early Ticket Sales and Expensive Location (we should try and find numbers to compare, like for our own camps)
  • Envato has acquired Pressed to create a complete hosting solution
  • Wanggaurd shut down



  1. I'm thinking of forking WordPress and calling it “Drewpal” – it will be exactly the same as WordPress but have a different logo and name. How can I be sure it succeeds
  2. What are your feelings on the REST API being rolled into core?
  3. Is there a way for a link to the file to be posted automatically to the page the upload was initiated from? 

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