Life Updates

  • Kyle: WC Boston was great!
  • Adam:  WC Boston was great!

WordPress News.

People on the Move / aka Changes


  • Kyle: WC Chicago Hoodie & DradCast Tshirt
  • Adam:  50 days later….  WCOC 2015 and 2017 T Shirt w/mask


  • Question 1: How Do you be the best.
  • Question 2: I have a client that doesn’t request much, but when they do it’s annoying AF. I mean it’s easy money, but they aren’t really an important part of my business, should I fire them?
  • Question 3: My name is Evan Wrons and I’m contacting you in regards to any opportunity for an interview on your podcast. I have a wonderful speaker and I believe his perspective is an asset to any business environment.

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