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  • Kyle – WC Chicago Shirt + Mojo Marketplace hoodie & coffee
  • Adam- Hoodie WC Chicago 2016 & WordPress Trucker Hat


  1. The pros and cons of the D.I.Y. sites like Weebly, Wix and Squarespace. (I am having great success with Weebly but only because I am a creative person and ZERO “Kyle Maurer” abilities. And you know what I mean!! 🙂
  2. How does a person know that something is spam?  -Mike
  3. Hello, What Would a huge increase in relevant traffic mean for your business? If I could greatly increase the amount of customers who are interested in your products and services, wouldn't you be…?
Read Kyle's lyrics

When you’re driving, there’s a right side of the road to drive on (the right side)

When you’re playing ball, there’s a right place to play (outside)

When you’re in line, there’s a right way to wait (patiently)

When I’m sleeping, there’s a right way to do everything (quietly)

For many things in life there are irrefutable facts

But this is something the world of websites lacks

There isn’t a right way

There isn’t a wrong way

There isn’t rule book

Or commandments to obey

Just do what works for you, it’ll be ok

All that matters is that it goes live…before Friday

When I’m looking at my watch, there’s a right way to get to the point (hastily)

When you’re angry at the government, there’s a right way to protest (peacefully)

When the football game’s on, there’s a right team to root for (Michigan)

When someone asks you “which is the greatest state?”, well there’s a right answer (again Michigan)

*Twitter photos from WCA@ courtesy Sara Dunn 🙂

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