Life Updates

  • Kyle:  Planning team meetup, finally got the hot tub, can’t find an electrician
  • Adam: Heading to NY for daughters birthday!

WordPress News


  • Kyle: Pagely shirt, MOJO Hoodie & a home brew beer
  • Adam: WP Engine shirt, WC Chicago hoodie + Sweat Baby Jesus Beer! In a WP Engine
  • Ross: WC Chicago 2013


  1. Why and How to start building an email list. And what to do with your subscribers (provide value, build trust, etc., platforms to use, opt-in forms. — Adam Warner
  2. What are some tips for working with part time employees/contractors when you’re not sure how much time you’re going to have for them on a weekly basis? – Ian Wilson  • Resource mentioned: Chris Ducker: Virtual Freedom
  3. How do we listen to your advice show?? – Jan Janke

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