Life Updates

  • Adam:  Busy w/Client work. Heading to WCUS!
  • Kyle: Busy w/work. Heading to WCUS with family!

WordPress News.

Wearing /Drinking / Reading

  • Kyle:  “Word” shirt (InMotion Hosting) — empowered by WordPress hoodie // Homebrew American IPA .. GiveWP pint glass
  • Adam: “Do what you love ala WeWork”  /// Sweet Baby Jesus / Autobiography of a Yogi (again)  


  1.  “This year is my FIRST WordCamp US. What are your top tips to get the most of out of it? Any must-dos? Best events? Thank you!”
  2. The Personal Question: Adam ask’s Kyle about his songwriting process
  3. how do i prepare my clients for gutenberg – Lisa Synder

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