Life Updates

  • Kyle: Life is good. WCUS was great.  
  • Adam: All the things:  juggling 4 projects, 3 developers, all spread out..  Getting close to KitchenSink Episode 200…  WCUS was great. Launching/launched new service

WordPress News

  • Sara Dunn picked a niche!
  • Thanks for the iTunes reviews!
    • Nateconley123
    • Jordanmroth

People on the Move / aka Changes


  • Kyle – Sandhills Development tshirt —  Real Big Marketing hoodie
  • Adam- WCUS Shirt/ coffee  


  1. What is the one piece of advice would you give someone considering leaving a full time job to start their own marketing/website agency?” (asking for a friend) – Mike Hale
  2. Kyle question for Adam: What are your tricks for making this show's audio not sound like crap?
  3. How much do you love Gravity Forms? – Jeff Matson

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