Podcast E036: Getting young people interested in WordPress

Life Updates

  • Kyle: Christmas was excellent. Do you have any new years resolutions?
  • Adam: 2 weeks into the new year…  All good!

WordPress News


  • Kyle: WooThemes Ninja t-shirt under WCA2 2017 hoodie
  • Adam: WC US 2017 – covered w/ heavy duty “lumberman jackshirt”  


  1. Curious how your team stays connected while being distributed and if you have any tips on that. I do a weekly call with each of my co-workers and a monthly call with the whole team but am not sure what is a best practice. Then we do email, Google Hangout (messaging), and Basecamp throughout the week. –Sara Dunn
  2. Audio question from Jason:  “How do we get young people into WordPress — teens and 20’s”
  3. Does it bother you when people send you a numbered list with repeating numbers? – Ross

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