Life Updates

  • Kyle: cabin fever and remote work struggles
  • Adam: lack of exercise is no bueno! Just waiting for replies on Pipedrive proposals

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 People on the Move / aka Changes

  • Mike Hale –  We can now finally mention it!   He left Rainmaker .. now running his own agency.  


  • Kyle: Coffee
  • Adam: SBUX java / WC OC 2016 / iThemes hoodie


  1. How has it been working as an employee of a remote company for a while now? I’d love to hear the pros and cons of working for yourself vs. being employed by a remote team. ~ Sara Dunn
  2. How to find and vet people.  from Amy and Susan of Sumy Designs
  3. Do people actually use iTunes for podcasting? ~ Topher DeRosia


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