Life Updates

  • Kyle: gave a speech this week, writing a blog post
  • Adam: produced what i think was an interested episode of KSWP ..  a week in the life of running the agency.
    • Also thinking of finally decorating the home office  and getting a Roost Stand for when I'm co-working.

WordPress News/Updates


  • Kyle:  Nexcess t-shirt, WCA2 hoodie
  • Adam: Gravity Forms Shirt coffee from Costa Rica

People on the Move / aka Changes


  1. Do you foresee a Gutenberg block economy evolving once it arrives in WordPress 5.0? – Rich Tabor
  2. When you think about your failures in WordPress, what is 1 lesson that stands out the most?
  3. Personal question from Adam to Kyle: What scares you most about becoming a dad to the amazing Abigail: her dating or her not using WordPress?

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