Life Updates

  • Adam:  Life is good.
  • Kyle: interviewed on Jeff Large’s show. Watched the olympics opening ceremony.

WordPress News

  • WordPress 4.9.3 and 4.9.4 a day later
  • WP-CLI has a new version out. Version 1.5 lets you verify the integrity of your installed plugins and do pretty much anything you want with wp-config.php, to name just two of the new release highlights.


People on the Move / aka Changes

  • We have brought on three part timers for EDD support on trial. Going well after one week.

iTunes Reviews

  • Thanks to Josh Eby and ccl2748 for the reviews.


  1. What techniques do you guys use when you have so much to do you're frozen into inaction? Argh. Need to reboot my brain or something. P.S. Do you know of a VA or WordPress savvy assistant who can use some extra work? – Leslie Surel
  2. How do you personally see Gutenberg impacting the WordPress theme economy? – Rich Tabor



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