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  1. I'm frustrated with the number of people who RSVP to my meetups and then don't show up. Do you have any advice for helping get people to show up, or at least change their RSVP to “No”? ~ Rene Morozowich
  2. What is Bootstrap? ~ Kelly

New Segment: The Vague Rant Up

  • Adam: Email settings in Dashboard
  • Kyle: Developers who are pretentious

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  1. He Hate Me on June 14, 2018 at 12:30 am

    Re: Rant Up

    Have never used email to post, nor have I known anyone to ever use this. Good call Adam!

    Pretentious developers/WordPress people: Damn, where do I start? When I first came into the community I looked up to a lot of people. After getting to know many of them up close, I feel completely different – breaking the illusion. Like you, I’m also done with name droppers, the seemingly open “WP gang warfare” and cliquishness, and “look at how much money I made” presentations. No one cares. And less people are fooled by the BS each passing month. Can’t wait for the old icons to wither into obsolescence, and see some new people grab the mic. It’s way past time.

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