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It's Music Time

  • “On Page One” – song about SEO by Kyle. Parody of “Anna Sun” by Walk the Moon.

WordPress News



  1. How do you graciously decline a project when you just don't want to work with the client? – Akai Suddeth
  2. Hey Guys, I am fairly new to WordPress, relatively speaking. I seem to have gotten involved at quite a tumultuous time, with so much to learn in “basic” WordPress now and Gutenberg on the horizon. My question is – would it be beneficial to start learning a page builder (Elementor intrigues me after watching Troy Dean’s video), or at this point should I just wait for Gutenburg to roll out and not worry about unlearning something else? ~ Dustin Younker

Unordered Lists Segment

  • Adam: Name movies with Morgan Freeman
  • Kyle: Name release names of WordPress

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  1. Joey on July 18, 2018 at 1:18 am

    “On Page One” song was so hilarious! Would love to have Kyle’s song in each episode (even if it’s a repeat). Playing music in podcasts is something most other podcasts can’t do (The Minimalists Podcast sometimes does, but I guess they have permissions from their musician friends directly?), so this is what makes The Get Options Podcast unique!

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