Life Updates

  • Kyle: watching lots of nature shows on Netflix. Making lots of correlations between the struggles of creatures in the wild and our own problems.
  • Adam: also watched Earth 2 – islands – with kids!  Really enjoyed it.

WordPress News


  • Kyle – Jetpack shirt, WC Chicago hoodie &  2nd cup of java from sbux.
  • Adam-  OptinMonster T Shirt.  Coffee


  1. There are many networking meetups in my area. How do I choose the ones that are best for networking for new business? — from Sally Gradle
  2. I know you all are into podcasts, so… What’s the best podcast episode you’ve listened to recently, and why?  — from Sara Dunn

Our choices from Sara's question

Segment: Unordered Lists

Kyle asked Adam to list people who have asked questions for this show.

Adam asked Kyle to list WP-CLI commands.

Kyle won decisively, per usual.

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