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  • Kyle: Yith Plugins WCUS 2017 t-shirt
  • Adam: coffee / WP trucker hat (from WCA2)


  1. I realised a little while ago that while my business (Gamajo) is aimed at end clients (custom development for marketing departments), my personal brand is aimed at developers, and peers within the community. I've created a new site for my personal brand (domain, WP install, but no content yet). I want it to be somewhere where I could:- blog about Genesis, how to organise a WP meetup, web accessibility, differences in the English variants, OOP, my business progress and freelancer problems etc. i.e. document my knowledge so that it may benefit others.
    – potentially have a free email course, and premium course for how to build an accessible theme, or how to use code standards tools etc. i.e. monetize my knowledge.
    – list my speaking and contributions credits in the WP/PHP world.

    Question for the podcast: How do I go about working out what my mission is for all of that? It's trying to build my personal brand, but why? Why should anyone care about this new site? What's the value for them? I do believe that the content I could write would be useful for someone, but trying to consolidate the rationale for having the site in the first place, has me stuck.


     Gary Jones

  2. I’d love to know what goes into choosing a location for a remote team’s retreat. Sara Dunn

Segment: Deletable History

Kyle: Played clip from his second ever WordCamp talk. It was a workshop about shortcodes at WordCamp Chicago 2014. He learned lots of important lessons including not getting derailed by Q&A, preparing more thoroughly, not relying on humor in the slides, and rehearsing every part of the session.

Adam: Described his experience giving the same workshop a second time and discovering that the talk going well the first time did not mean it would work perfectly the second time.

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