Life Updates

  • Kyle: Attended WC Detroit which was awesome. Gave a talk about WordPress life hacks which went really well. Also attended MicroConf and loved it.
  • Adam: WC Raleigh, went well.

WordPress News

  • 15 year Tshirt on swag store.  15% off using “CELEBRATEWP15’ code.


Rob Walling left Drip  (wife shelly)  zen founder podcast


  • Adam: running attire/water / fearless flyer from Trader Joes
  • Kyle: WC A2 shirt/ hoodie/coffee Ambr Detroit mug / Fatal Alliance


  1. What is the best (but still affordable) way to manage a staging environment for building a new client's website?  -Guy Cicinello
  2. When you know another platform delivers better results in a clients' specific industry, do you refer them out, learn the platform or tell them you'll make WordPress sing for them?   -Jen Miller


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