Life Updates

  • Kyle: House projects and traveling to WordCamp Dayton
  • Adam: Teaching class. Landed a new client. Losing a developer 🙁  WC Dayton!

WordPress News

  • Great article about Modern Tribe actually doing things to improve diversity within their team.
  • Wearing/Drinking
  • Adam: Coffee  WooCommerce short.  WordPress Trucker hat
  • Kyle: Coffee, Easy Digital Downloads t-shirt, Fatal Alliance




  1. Apparently its common practice these days within the WP job market to have multiple steps in the hiring process. that part is fine, but why do companies always want something for free.. i.e. “the project” dev's do a dev task, designers do a design task, PM's reply to scenarios, etc. What should i do when asked to do a “project” for a company i am interviewing with. My main issue is spending time “on spec”. -Thomas Saltzman
  2. Hi all, I have a question – do you charge your clients for the time spent familiarising yourself with a new plugin or functionality they requested, like a particular front-end builder? The way I usually approach it is, if it's something I'm likely to use again on another client's site, I won't charge for the time it takes me to learn the basics. But if it's something really obscure that I probably won't use again, I will charge both for the time I spend reading the docs and actually implementing the feature on the site. I was just wondering how everyone else deals with it?  Natalie Smith via Slack

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