This week we welcome the one and only Marc Benzakein. Marc is a partner at ServerPress, the team that is behind DesktopServer and WP SiteSync.

Life Updates

  • Kyle: Went to the local county fair.
  • Adam: WC BHAM was awesome. School starts in 18 days. Heading to WC Asheville in a week.
  • Marc: Just got back from St. Maarten

past episodes referenced:

  • The KitchenSinkWP Podcast w/Marc — E224
  • The KitchenSinkWP Podcast w/Kyle E73
  • WordPress Round Table w/Adam E52



  1. Options about keeping sites alive after you die? -Joey
  2. Will GDPR affect me in the US?


  • Personal Questions
  • Do_enque:


Kyle :

  • Travel Man – Richard Ayoade
  • WordSesh sessions
  • Pippin’s Kansas City keynote
  • Everything is Alive podcast
  • Episode 121 “White Power” of Waking Up with Sam Sanders
  • Murder on the Orient Express (and interviews with cast las November on U
  • and Vanished)
  • McDonalds fraud article


  • Getting around to “Game of Thrones” since it’s finally nearing the end of life.
  • Santa Clarita Diet (YouTube) Trailer
  • Nanette (Netflix): Link is to YouTube Trailer

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  1. Joey on September 19, 2018 at 6:04 pm

    Thanks Adam, Kyle and Marc for answering my question! One other option can be hosting the contents on a free blogging platform like WP (.com), Tumblr and Google Blogger, as these are likely to outlive our self-hosted websites (as long as these companies retain their services). I’ll send in another question soon. Thanks!

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