Get Option Graphic E67Life Updates:

  • Adam:  Back from an amazing vacation in Paris.
  • Kyle: Moved into a new house. Celebrated daughters 1st birthday and had a tornado across the street!


  • Joel Worsham leaves Real Big Marketing and joins DMI as a Software Engineer
  • Rebecca Gill moves to emagine:

WordPress News:

  • Petition to remove Gutenberg from WordPress core.
  • ClassicPress – Torgue interview


  • Adam: French Coffee + French Water, WC Asheville Shirt & not reading anything!
  • Kyle: Coffee, WC Kent 2018 shirt, The Drawing of the Three


  1. How to decide which tasks to outsource and when you should start outsourcing?  Tara Claeys
  2. What are examples of jargon you heard people talk about but don't understand?

Segment: Deletable History

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