Life Updates

  • Kyle: Had a nice time at the annual Sandhills Development team retreat.
  • Adam: Working. Kid to turn 18 this month! Crazy!  Oh.. and got 2 really nice testimonials!  One for the dev work my agency did the other for the podcast!  

WordPress News


  • Kevin McKernan leaves behind agency life and joins a startup called AirDNA
  • Mihai Joldis joins Sandhills Development support team
  • Mike Schroder moves to GoDaddy



  1. This is about theme building. I’m wondering whether I’ll need a paid license for using scripts like fancybox if I’m submitting a free theme to WordPress. Probably no for free themes? Then, what if someone using this free theme with fancybox built-in is trying to sell something on the site? Is it the site owner’s responsibility to pay for fancybox license?
  2. What is the biggest question relating to WordPress or the web or your work that you are struggling with right now? aking sure sites are ready for Gutenberg.

Segment: Tag(Line) your it!

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