This week we welcome Tara Claeys to the show.  Tara runs the Design TLC Agency and is a co-host of  The Hallway Chats Podcast

Life Updates

  • Kyle: working on some talks for upcoming WordCamps.
  • Adam: just took daughter to work.. She drove!  
  • Tara: Hanging at the Jersey Shore.


  • WP Simple Pay joins Sandhills Development



Adam: WCOC 2016 / Coffee WC2014 mug  / finished Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Only Have One & The Richest Man in Babylon.  Reading ROBIN.

Kyle:  Mojo Marketplace hoodie over Yith Plugins WCUS17 t-shirt / Coffee from TJ Max / The Drawing of the Three

Tara: Women Who WP Shirt/Black Coffee/ Just finished Little Fires Everywhere (a novel) Celeste Ng. About to start a book of short stories for a book club. Also just ordered the book The Magic of Tiny Business – You Don’t Have to Go Big to Make a Great Living, by Sharon Rowe


  1. Here's one that's been bothering me lately: if I have several ongoing projects at once, how do I divide up my time? The work requires enough concentration that I lose a lot of productivity if I try to work on multiple projects in the same day, and sometimes in the same week. Do I tell the clients “Okay, YOU get the first week of the month, the next person gets the second week,” or what? Plus of course, they all have urgent issues at the same time It's not made easier by the fact that I have unpredictable health issues that throw me off schedule.  – Sally Goetsch
  2. What is an aspect of WordPress which is really not working for you these days?- Daryl Alexander


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