Life Updates

  • Adam:  Back from Cali.  Boys. Friends. Family. Good time.
  • Kyle: Holidays with the family. Things are good.


  • Adam’s friend Jessica joined Automattic as Happiness Engineer


This week we recapped our 2018 Predictions and gave ours for 2019.

  • For 2018, Kyle “won”  9 to 8.5 in the points.

Adam’s 2019 Predictions

WP Software Project

  • 2 releases:  5.1 and 5.2
  • core Trac open tickets down by 1000
  • I will get “props”

Community – jobs/ changes

  • 1 big merger with hosting
  • 1 medium-sized agency closing.
  • 9 people making a move that we both know.
  • 2 new guests on this show
  • Sara Dunn and Dustin Hartzler both on show at the same time

Personal for myself.

  • grow the maintenance biz by 3x (or shut it down! )
  • launch a new podcast/show
  • Surprise Dustin.
  • Attend 8 WordCamps / 2 other conferences
  • Speak at a non WP conference. Possibly for money!
  • Take at least 2 vacations of more than 3 days each.
  • Visit another country.

Personal for kyle

  • another blessing?   cat / dog / baby?
  • live outside USA for 4-5 weeks
  • be in a documentary.
  • run in a 5k


Kyle's Predictions:

WordPress the software

  • One major release
  • Something will be gutted from core and there will be some commotion about it
  • Core trac will surpass 50,000 tickets all time=
  • We’ll see the final 4 digit tickets closed (83 remain)

WordPress the community / ecosystem

  • WordPress will get another reference in pop culture which gets written about in WP news
  • One major change to the WordPress journalism space will occur (Tavern, Torque, Post Status, WP Lift, etc.)
  • One of the camps that Adam or I plan on attending (Dayton, Jackson, Ann Arbor, US, Raleigh, Asheville, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Chicago) will end up cancelled
  • Someone will make a WordPress graveyard site/page


  • Adam will take a job
  • One of us will produce a musical piece which gets attention outside of our normal audience
  • We will present something together at a WordCamp
  • I will surprise someone else in WP


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