Life Updates

  • Kyle: Played the worst game of poker I’ve ever played last night. But it all ended well.
  • Adam:  Rain. Lots of Rain.  Still weird to see car missing from driveway..ala Avalon took it. Going to Join F3.

WordPress News

Kyle’s Latest Song over on Soundcloud


  • Adam: WPEngine Beenie / coffee  / The Daily Stoic, Ryan Holiday
  • Kyle: BigCommerce “Kind of a big deal” t-shirt, Sandhills Development hoodie / virgin mimosa  / Harry Potter of Chamber of Secrets


  • What are the best options and practices for emoji use and do you recommend a resource for determining possible meanings? – Jen
  • Is there a question you were afraid to ask? > Location services: Block or allow? Is there any risk with allowing this? – Nehemiah

Segment: Top Dev

  • A segment where we give each other “ingredients” to build a site with certain required tools.

Lyrics to Kyle’s Song


I’m the biggest WordPress fanboy that you’ve ever seen

making websites every day now

Every single one is optimized and feature rich and so incredible

everyone is asking me how

Well sit down and let me show you how to develop a website

install WordPress everything is just right

A couple points a couple clicks now we’re almost there

load it up in the browser and prepare to stare

Oh no! Too slow!

I guess I’ll go to Magento

Goodbye WordPress

You couldn’t pass this test

It’s you, not me

You lack this one thing that I need

WordPress, no contest

Is the world’s OKest CMS

Ecommerce is my specialty I employ WooCommerce, Ninja Shop

and EDD especially

Every site that I deploy brings joy but more importantly

makes big money

I’m a master, earning profits much faster, every alternative

would be a total disaster

Get rich I shall

but what’s this I’ve gotta ticket ‘bout a problem with PayPal…

Oh my! Can’t buy!

I guess I’ll move to Shopify

The WordPress admin is so easy to use

I point and click and publish, round the interface I cruise

When I release new posts I watch my traffic soar

all my followers are begging me for more

I live by the rule that content is king

and benefit from open source publishing

I’m a gifted writer all my fans say I am

I’m moderating comments which…are mostly spam?

I shoot, I’m toast

I guess it’s time to switch to Ghost

I got all the themes and plugins that I’ll ever need

giving me the design and features to succeed

These tools are so powerful with prices so low

But one of them is asking me to upgrade to pro?

What a disgrace

I’m now migrating to Squarespace

I’ve got menus and custom post types

and these new block things that seem alright

There’s nothing more stable you will find that’s a fact

oh shoot did my site really just get hacked?

I’m filled with rage

and sticking to a Facebook page 

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