Life Updates

  • Kyle:  planning travel for work events.  Taking pro active approach vs procrastination!
  • Adam: Avalon is 5 for 5 for colleges. Met w/ listener for on boarding. Processes.
  • Tara: Son off to CA for a new job.  Empty nester.



  1. With the advent of page builders and the rise of Site Implementors, how can traditional “code it myself” freelancers stay competitive? ~ Joe Casabona
  2. Can you talk about the challenges of finding guests for your show? Are there any? ~ Joe Casabona


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  • Book: The Daily Stoic
  • Book: The Fifth Season
  • Podcasts: The Arc Benders, Focused, WP Square 1


  • Book: Atomic Habits
  • Book: Everybody Writes
  • Book: Treating People Well
  • Book: The Go Giver
  • Podcasts: The Daily, The Gist. The Moth
  • Movies: Oscar nominated movies.


  • Podcast: Radiolab: The Punchline
  • Podcast: Unexplained: Season 4
  • Podcast: Surviving Y2K
  • Podcast: Slow Burn
  • Podcast: Waking Up with Sam Harris: Conquering Hate with Deeyah Khan
  • Blog: Pippin’s year in review
  • Blog: Igor Benic year in review
  • Podcast: Hallway Chats
  • Song: Olalla by Blanco White
  • Song: Winter in Chicago by Flatfoot 56Song: Collie Man by Slightly Stoopid

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