Life Updates

  • Kyle: Today's Valentine's Day! Planning on doing something special for Ashley, shhhh don't tell her!
  • Dustin: Dealing with a water main break in Dayton. Water supply is running low. Dehydration is setting in. Feeling delirious. What day is it.


  • Dustin:   Blue WordPress University t-shirt / water / The Minimalist Home & Everyday Millionaires
  • Kyle: WordCamp Chicago 2014 t-shirt, WordPress slippers / water / Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Book 4)


  1. Any advice for staying connected with remote co-workers? Do you only talk about work, or do you make it a point to also have a personal connection? ~ Sara Dunn
  2. What is an aspect of WordPress which is really not working for you these days?: Speed + WooCommerce ~ Anonymous

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