Life Updates

  • Kyle: Had a scary dream. Moving forward with WCA2 and WC Jackson. Accepting Speaker apps for WCA2.
  • Adam: Back from WC PHX.  Loads of new work coming in. Good, bad? Busy. Managing client expectation.  Selling stuff. Chair. Desk. etc.

WordPress News.

  • WordPress 5.1 released.




  1. I’m thinking about creating my first-ever free WordPress theme and have questions on coding ethics. For example, snippets of code to create a responsive mobile menu are freely available on places like tutorial blogs, Stack Overflow and within free themes, but am I allowed to use those codes as long as I credit the source and make them open-source on a platform like GitHub? Or, should I ask for an explicit permission from authors? If licensing terms are mentioned, of course I’ll follow, but if not mentioned, what’s the best way? Thank you in advance for your advice.  -Joey Q
  2. What's the most rewarding thing about doing a show like yours? ~ Joe Casabona

Segment: Vague Rant Up

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