Life Updates

  • Kyle: Having trouble with my ice maker and the family room painting project turned into quite the debacle.
  • Adam: Just Working. Didn’t go to San Francisco.  Bought a 6TB HD to help consolidate all my old drives. Was interviewed on 2 podcasts. March Madness!

WordPress News



  • Adam:  WCA2 2017 / coffee  / Took a break. Still same books as last week!
  • Kyle: WordCamp San Diego 2016 t-shirt under Sandhills Development jacket / coffee / nothing, I’m in between books

The Thing


  1. Hi guys, As Kyle as indicated, he is happier than ever not having clients and Adam seems to be all in lately,  my question is if one were to want to close down their biz and join a company, but has a small team and clients along with re-occurring maintenance contracts, how would you handle that.  I don't have a biz partner that I could sell to, so I am unsure how to approach this.  -Regor Lledgood
  2.  My kids have expressed some interest in what I do as a WordPress developer and have also said they want to attend a WordCamp.  But I wonder, are they serious.  How would you gauge true interest to see if it was worth investing the $ on a ticket for them?  Would their age come into question for you?

Segments: WordStress & Vague Rant Up

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