Life Updates

  • Kyle: I did not die on a boat.
  • Dustin: “Survived” a tornado, well 12 to be exact. And my MacBook stopped charging

WordPress News


  • Dustin:   Big W shirt /Water / Make Your Bed
  • Kyle:  Host Duplex t-shirt, WordPress trucker cap/strawberry and cream tea / Knight Errant (A Star Wars tale)


  1. ### WC Jackson Q's – What is the biggest question relating to WordPress or the web or your work that you are struggling with right now? “WooCommerce  -Kim Smith
  2. AUTOCOMPLETE   A new segment where we find interesting WordPress related Google auto-complete queries and answer them in an audio format)  //  If you type “WordPress i “ into Google, you will get “WordPress i don’t want a blog“. That’s our question.


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