Life Updates

  • Kyle: I’m going to Ireland.
  • Adam: I’m going to Ireland too! ?!? Back from WCUS 2019

WordPress News

  • Post Status is releasing a resource for everyone who wants to find work in this industry
  •  — The documentary



  • Adam:    WCUS 2019  / coffee / health insurance paperwork! 
  • Kyle:    WP Engine WCUS 2018 t-shirt, WC Chicago 2016 hoodie / orange juice / Traction


  1. Is it possible for someone older like myself who has no technical background to learn the necessary new skills and get a remote job in the WordPress space? —Michael Maurer
  2. Hi Adam and Kyle, this is Joey J from Singapore! I’d like your advice on caching plugins. Firstly, a caching plugin is an absolute must to use? Currently, I use W3 Total Cache (I know Kyle doesn’t like it!), but thinking about removing it to reduce the number of plugins (I don’t use any SEO plugin, either). Do you think it’s a good idea? Or, if you were to choose one caching plugin, which one would you recommend (preferably free, as my website is for a hobby and makes no money)?   By the way, I recently attended my first-ever WordCamp in Singapore and enjoyed very much! I’ll try meetups next time. I remember you encouraging me to attend a WordCamp in the previous episode. Thank you for that. :  —Joey J

Segment: Personal Question

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