Life Updates

  • Kyle: Talked with a life coach yesterday.
  • Adam: Kid with not fully dev’d frontal lobe. / Pipedrive  / Guitar for bday!

WordPress News



  1. How do I transition into full time freelancing? –Michelle Ames
  2. How many cups of coffee are required per client per day? Alex G

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Adam’s List:

New Podcasts

  • The Admin Bar
  • CodePed RadioShop Talk
  • Wireframe

New TV Show:

  • The Boys – Amazon

Kyle’s List

  • Beach too sandy, water too wet podcast
  • Get rich Nick podcast
  • Dolly Parton’s America podcast
  • With Ether on Youtube and Spotify
  • Wyze Plug commercial
  • Tiny Desk: Dave Matthews, Steve Martin, Nickel Creek, John Reilly, Taylor Swift
  • Dave Chappelle and Aziz Ansari specials on Netflix
  • Mipso on Spotify

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