• Kyle: Holy crap, the hiring process is exhausting.
  • Adam:  We had snow.  A credit of $6.52 to utility bill? // educated son this AM.. PJs to Work Meeting
  • Tara: i hate cold calling. And I am sick of cold weather by now. Heading to Miami!



  • Adam:   WC Asheville 2018 / Coffee / some fiction!  NEXUS by Ramez Naam
  • Kyle: Sandhills Brewing t-shirt, Sandhills Development jacket, GoDaddy hat/ coffee / The Wastelands
  • Tara:  Nerd Network from Amy Masson and Design TLC fleece/ Coffee in HC Mug / Nothing – trying Name of The Rose and The Four Agreements   



  1. I don't. Know if this will fit, but how does Tara search to find the “cold email” businesses? Are there tips on how to search?
  2. How do you keep WordPress and family/real life separate? ~ Michelle Frechette


  • Personal questions

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