Podcast E121: What are some options to review new plugins & themes?


  • Kyle: practicing guitar 
  • Adam:  grocery bill up 27.2% – feeding 5, vs ~3.5. People. // take a course.. Flatironschool.com.

WordPress News

  • WordCamps going online. San Antonio.. Kent. 


  • Adam:  WC SD 2016 / coffee / Good to Great 
  • Kyle:  Sandhills Brewing t-shirt, Work Front socks, WC Ann Arbor 2015 fleece/coffee / The Wastelands


  • How do I review new plugins/themes and determine if they are a good, sustainable solution?  ~ Heathe
  • What do non-WP people think you do when you tell them you work in WordPress?  ~ Michelle Frechette


  • Personal Question

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