Podcast E123: How do I find good contractors to work with?


  • Kyle: Chicken Coop
  • Adam:  school starting for boys, finally!.  Taking courses: Keyboard Maestro  New site/podcast coming together!!   // henry rollins podcast… kcrw.. ( CA ) 

WordPress News

  • How’s business at Sandhills w/Covid19


  • Adam:    WC Dayton  / Vodka-Cranberry  / Good to Great
  • Kyle:  WC Ann Arbor 2017 hoodie, Pantheon hat, Flight of the Conchords t-shirt, Mongo DB socks / Jose Cuervo / The Wastelands


  1. How do I find good contractors to work with? ~ Heather
  2. Just wanted to ask if you would be interested in getting external help with graphic design? We do all design work like banners, advertisements, photo edits, logos, flyers, etc. for a fixed monthly fee.  We don’t charge for each task. What kind of work do you need on a regular basis? Let me know and I’ll share my portfolio with you. ~ Stephen M.

Segment: WordStress


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