Podcast E124: How do I balance WordCamps & Life?


  • Kyle: 4 of 7 chics getting named. “Chloe”, “Coco” “cheek-cheek” “Reggie White” 
  • Adam: Wife’s 2nd test came back less than 24hrs and negative. 🙂  // Painting crew in the house.. Super slow! 
  • Scott: Kids. Managing life. Arizona is still there!


  • Scott’s plugin “Leave it at the Door for WooCommerce “


  • Adam:   WC Birmingham Hoodie, TextExpander T // Water  // Good To Great
  • Kyle:  Siteground socks, Happy Camper Media Temple t-shirt  /  Lemon tinted home brewed IPA  /  The Wastelands by Stephen King
  • Scott: Loop conf / Water / not reading.


  1. What suggestions do you have for balancing WordCamp attendance and/or organizing so that day to day client/biz life is maintained as an entrepreneur or employee? ~ Jen
  2. How many screen displays do you run?  ~ Raquel Landefeld

Segment: “Bomb dot coms”

Scott’s contributions

  1. BombDotComs.com
  2. SneakySelfie.com (already taken!) 
  3. AprilFoolsJokes.com
  4. AprilFoolsJoke.com

Adam’s contributions

  1. heykylemaurer.com
  2. heyscottdeluzio.com
  3. tobeadog.com 
  4. dogsrulecatssuck.com 
  5. catsruledogssuck.com 

Kyle’s contributions

  1. covid39.com
  2. recipesincludingstalegrahamcrackersandpintobeans.com
  3. wpandemic.com
  4. sixfeetapartgames.com
  5. zoomscuseme.com
  6. wpbagpipes.com
  7. shouldishower.com
  8. getevenmoreoptions.com
  9. tigerkingwp.com

If you are interested in any of those domains, why not use HOVER.com to register them! 

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