Podcast E127: How do you help employees pursue their own career ambitions?


  • Joe: Parental leave as baby Morrision is now 4 months old.
  • Kyle: chicken coop close to being done.
  • Adam: Had physical. so/so… so.. back at it “Exercise” ..eating right. Dropped 8lbs! 

WordPress News



  • Adam:  Jetpack / Coffee / Big Leap
  • Kyle: Nexcess hosting t-shirt, WordPress hat, WCA2 2017 hoodie /  Bailey’s Irish Cream /  Shape Up by Basecamp
  • Joe: non WordPress CrossFit shirt // green mint tea / book 6 of Old Mans War book 6
  1. Questions How do you help employees pursue their own career ambitions?~ Anonymous
  2. I am a indie/freelance advanced developer. That said, I keep busy and make pretty good money.  Oddly enough, my family doesn’t think I work hard enough or deserve the money. Options to convince them of their error? -Dave

Segment: Bomb dot coms


  • thirtysecondmotivation.com
  • buffswp.com
  • wpdrr.com
  • wpkitchensink.com
  • mattmullenberg.com
  • wpgraveyard.com
  • kylefancommunity.com
  • isitsafetotouchmyface.com
  • methreefreetreeskispreekey.com
  • howtomakeaquarantinemusicalparodyvideo.com


  • invalidstatement.com   — band site  developer specific info? 
  • upandtotheright.money  – financial blog
  • removetheex.com (removemyex.com is taken)
  • thesystemsbooks.com   docs based 


  • bombsdotcom.com
  • wp.club only –> $5499.99
  • wp.news.  $500
  • bufftastic.com

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  1. John on May 13, 2020 at 8:50 am

    Dave needs to find a new family. If they don’t think he “works hard enough” or “deserves the money” they will sabotage him, even if they don’t realize it. That kind of resentment is toxic. Dave should find people who are happy for his success and who stand with him.

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