Podcast E129: Where are the older (50+) developers in technology?


  • Kyle: Flooded basement and a friendly squirrel.
  • Adam: Rain. Sun. Short week next week!  Vaca!! 
  • Dustin: New laptop, a staycation next week, home projects galore!

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  • Adam:  Woo purple / water / Writing Down The Bones  /  
  • Kyle: Nexcess Hosting t-shirt / White Claw hard seltzer (Mango) / Meaningful Work by Shawn Askinozie 
  • Dustin: Regular uniform – dark gray WordPress T / Spindrift / Story Brand by Donald Miller


  1. Most of my profession and personal friends are software devs who fall into the age range of 25-35.  It’s odd to say the least. Where are the older people? Let's say 50+?submitted by, Kimberly K.
  2. I work at a medium-sized agency and mostly love my job. The issue is one co-worker who often postpones things.  Two issues in this case.  1. they are pretty high up the chain … 2. they are the bottleneck.  What are some options to help move things along and keep my job!  submitted by -Russell


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