Podcast E130: How can I become a manager without experience?


  • Kyle: Our company marketing meeting was interrupted by a loose chipmunk in the house.
  • Adam: Vaca was great. Domain up for renewal.. Should I keep it?
  • Shawn: Making pizza on fire.

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  • Adam: JetPack / Water / Douglas Adams books 
  • Kyle: WP Hat, Blogvault T-shirt, Jilt socks / Hard Seltzer / Meaningful Work by Shawn Askinosie 
  • Shawn: Dickies blue collared shirt / water (soon dirty martini) / Untethered Soul


  1. I’ve been a developer going on 9 years now and am looking for a change. I’m thinking of management. The issue I have is that I’ve never managed before. How do I apply for a job as a manager without managerial experience?   -Name withheld per request
  2. Someone recently left the company I work for .. not sure exactly why.  As they were exiting the position, they asked if I would be open as a job reference…. IMO, they weren’t that good. What should I say?   – Thomas S.

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