Podcast E131: Options for dealing with noisy co-workers?

Life Updates

  • Kyle: Happy New Year!  
  • Adam: Schools out for the summer!  // Kids need jobs/car? 

WordPress News



  • Adam:  WC Raleigh tshirt   / JAVA /  Douglas Adams book(s)
  • Kyle: Sandhills hoodie + WC Jackson 2018 shirt / Coffee  / Meaningful Work by Shawn Askinosie


  1. Do you think online meetups will be here to stay beyond COVID-19? Since meetups were moved online, I’ve been attending not only local (Singapore) WordPress meetups but also those hosted in Sydney, etc. as there is little time difference from where I live. I’ve enjoyed attending overseas meetups and would love them to continue hosting online. Any thoughts on the future of WordPress meetups? I also miss the in-person meetups, so hopefully, both will be mixed in the future. -Joey J
    LONDON TUBE STUDY: The Benefits of Forced Experimentation: Striking Evidence from the London Underground Network
  2. What are some options with dealing with noisy co-workers.. at the moment its not an issue as we are all homebound, but when our office opens again, we’ll be expected to go into work… the noises.. ..music too loud from one person, and the other smacks/chews gum (and food) really loud!   -Ron P

Segment: Personal question

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