Podcast E134: How do I talk about being laid off or fired?


  • Dustin: got new “W” MacBook Pro 2 times!! 
  • Adam: Taught money lesson to son#1: Too good to be true it is!  Side hustle: BackupSpeaker.com is launching!

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  • Adam:  Do What you Love (WeWork) & Beaver Builder Hat / Water / So Many Books! 
  • Dustin: Woo Commerce payments shirt/water / Think and Grow Rich


  1. In the past, I’ve been both “let go” aka fired and “laid off”  Whats options would you suggest if asked about those positions when interviewing for a new job on sharing the situation?  -Mark B
  2. Audio clip from Kyle: What song should I make next?

Segment: do_enque


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  • Show: space force



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