Podcast E135: Where so I look for funding to grow my business?

The Get Options Podcast – Episode 135

Life Updates

  • Kyle: I’ve been doing some long-distance running.
  • Adam: It. Is. Done!  Launched the new site! BackupSpeaker.com  Good night!  😉  / Taking time off — I think.  





  1. I was hired recently at a company in a marketing role. Then COVID hit.  The issue is my 6-month review has come and gone, and I was told that there may be a raise at 6 months if goals were hit.  I’m pretty sure I hit them.  How do I bring that up without sounding greedy, especially in these days of the pandemic?  -anonymous 
  2. I’m at a point where I need to hire to grow my service but really can’t afford it myself. What are some options in getting funding? Should I ask family? Put the word out online? Venture capital? Angel Investors?  Exchange for equity? -Owen Goulding

Segment: Unordered Lists

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