Podcast E136: How do I tell my team lead I can’t complete something?


  • Sally: All monitored systems are functioning within established parameters. I’m excited to be on the same podcast as Sara Dunn was!
  • Adam: Biz as usual Happy BDAY to Ellen.  // finances caught up! Regarding our book club!  


  • WordPress iOS App – Apple store .. in app purchases..  


  • Adam: WC OC 2014 / water / The Organized Mind
  • Sally : T-shirt I bought on vacation last year/unsweetened iced tea/Profit First


  1. What do you think is the role of a website in the era of social media?For example, recently I went to a clothes store after finding it on Facebook. On their Facebook page, there was a button to contact by WhatsApp, so I clicked it to ask for a question, which was instantly answered. The store seemed very popular without having a website. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Take care. 🙂    – JOEY  
  2. How do I tell my team lead I can’t complete something?  case and point:  I was trying to implement some new functionality and i said it would take me about 7 days of work. 4 weeks later..  I just couldn’t quite get it to work. I finally sucked it up and told my boss the situation and though he wasn’t mad, he was disappointed.  -Julie R.

Segment: Bomb Dot Com


  • Unfinishedprojects.com help with projects or just wall of shame
  • Yesdear.com arguments you have lost
  • imstealingthat.com inspired by Adam and ideas he steals


  • stickishnotes.com: a lower quality post it not that doesn’t stick much.
  • Imprettyok.com: daily blog on feelings?! 
  • Thewaydoesnotexist.com: business blog on reaching for goals.? 

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