Podcast E137: How do I interview when I have NDA’s

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  • Adam:  Hack. Clients Birthday! oh my .
  • Scott:  Painting house!  Not tan.

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  • Adam: WCSD 2015  / Water / Traction (via book club) 
  • Scott : WCUS 2017 / Tea / not reading!!  


  1. To stay relevant and not get complacent in my current job,  I’ve been interviewing.. (via zoom) a few times per month since Covid started. I want to stay sharp with that skill.. The issues is, I’m not really looking to move companies, but have been offered a few of the jobs!   .. so.. how can i  politely decline job offers that I never intended to accept in the first place?  -Name withheld per request
  2. I’m looking for a new job and have had some interviews recently.  The issue I have is that in my current job, the company (along with myself) are under NDA’s.  How do I work around that in the interview as I can;’t give too many details if any on the projects.  -Stefanie

Segment: Bomb Dot Com – 3 ideas 

  • TheQuarantinePod.com — educational
  • getoffmylawnpunk.com – blog
  • PunchTheClown.com – satire

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