Podcast E138: How do I accept a job that pays below market?


  • Kyle: Oh, not much going on really. Went from 1 child to 5! 
  • Adam: working..  Planning.  Launching.  All the things!   GitIdiot.com  



  • Adam – Hired new Social Media Mgr – for backupspeaker.com 
  • Taylor Jackson is a new Application Support Specialist at Sandhills Development


  • Adam:  WC Birmingham hoodie / water/coffee / The Art of Invisibility 
  • Kyle: Digital Summit Detroit t-shirt, GoDaddy hat / Egg Nog / The Last Wish 


  1. What options do you have when it comes to being offered a job that that you are qualified for, but is oddly low in salary/scale for the role.  -Anon
  2. It’s Joey from Singapore. Glad to hear that the show is coming back (and Kyle is, too)! My question is this. Have you thought about leaving WordPress? Or, in what kind of situations do you see yourself leaving WordPress? When WordPress is no longer the top choice CMS? When WordPress foundation makes a bad call? As of today, I don’t see my leaving WordPress at all, though! Thanks and happy holiday season!

Segment: Bomb Dot Com – 3 ideas 


  • thesecondwave.com  
  • officecouch.com  
  • emotionalsupportwine.com 



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