Podcast E139: The 2020/2021 Predictions Episode

Life Updates

  • Kyle: watching shows – Rhythm and Flow on netflix, MCU, 
  • Adam: Happy New Year!  Working. Set up new system. Takes time… plus   trying to make it rain?!  Plus about to try an experiment with Time Blocking on the calendar.  

WordPress News

  • Modern Tribe sold their calendar – The Events Calendar to Liquid Web 
  • WordPress.com offers website development! 


  • Adam:   Hoodie WC Chicago // Coffee / The Simple Path to Wealth
  • Kyle: Freemius t-shirt / Coffee / The Last Wish

No Questions this week as we review our 2020 predictions and make new ones for 2021

How’d we do ?   ….The Score Card

  • Adam: 1
  • Kyle:  3 
  • Kyle wins 2020 

2021 Predictions 


  • I will guest appear on more podcast shows than you
  • Both of us will speak at a WordCamp again
  • NO IPOs in WP
  • Some business will launch a “Hosted {WP product}” that is not WooCommerce
  • I will write more blog posts than you
  • You will tweet more than me
  • Featured plugins will be different (currently 7: classic editor, akismet, jetpack, bbPress gutenberg, health check, buddy press)
  • We’ll find a way to meet in person


The WP Project — 

  • Getting PROPS!!  Dangit!

Personal For Me 

  • Sunset 1 maybe 2 projects 
  • Launch 1 new for money 
  • Learn Guitar 
  • Learn Language 
  • Biz Debt cut by 1/2 this year. Vs personal..  which I’d like to be zero!

Personal for Kyle 

  • Dog
  • No more kids
  • Run a 10k?! 
  • Be a guest on 2 podcasts.

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